Through the FCIL Lens: Ecuador, Rwanda/South Africa, Turkey, Pakistan and Thailand

By Marcelo Rodríguez Welcome back to Through the FCIL Lens series! Several important events took place this past month of May 2023 in different flashpoints all over the world. Per usual, in this series, I aim to shed some light on rapidly (d)evolving events which can potentially become of interest to Foreign, Comparative and International […]

Through the FCIL Lens: Nicaragua, Nigeria, Armenia/Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Vanuatu

By Marcelo Rodríguez Welcome back to Through the FCIL Lens. As I have said before, this series aims to shed some light on developing flashpoints around the world which might be of importance to anyone engaged in FCIL work. In this series, I’m defining “flashpoints” as events and/or situations happening in different geographical regions which […]

Through the FCIL Lens: Peru, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Iran and Fiji

By Marcelo Rodríguez Through the FCIL Lens is a series aiming to put the spotlight on several rapidly (d)evolving flashpoints throughout the world. As Foreign, Comparative and International law librarians, we are tasked with keeping abreast and having a general knowledge of what is currently going on in other parts of the world. This type […]

Through the FCIL Lens: Guatemala, Western Sahara, Kenya, Taiwan and Marshall Islands

By Marcelo Rodríguez During this academic semester, I have told my students several times, whatever situations, phenomena or topics you choose for your research and countries/jurisdictions or institutions for your comparative legal research, please always keep in mind that they are not frozen in time. Perhaps for the purpose of your research, you might have […]

Through the FCIL Lens: Antigua, Chile, Libya, Uzbekistan and Japan

By Marcelo Rodríguez This monthly column aims to provide a brief summary as well as relevant secondary sources about a recent important event taking place in a foreign country. This series seeks to help those tracking and analyzing rapidly changing and scattered pieces of a geopolitical puzzle developing at times exclusively in languages other than […]

Through the FCIL Lens: Ecuador, UK/Rwanda, Iraq, Israel and North Korea

By Marcelo Rodríguez This monthly series aims to provide a summary on a particular event or situation developing in a foreign country or multiple countries as well as providing relevant and authoritative secondary sources to begin your research with. FCIL librarians are often tasked with providing sources, doing research or helping make sense of an […]

Through the FCIL Lens: Colombia, Somalia, Lebanon, The Philippines and Australia

By Marcelo Rodríguez In this special post of my Through the FCIL Lens series, I’d like to focus on elections, particularly presidential and federal elections which took place during this past month of May 2022. Regardless of their levels of democracy, participation and representation or lack thereof, most jurisdictions in the world conduct electoral processes […]

Through the FCIL Lens: Peru, Tanzania, Afghanistan, South Korea and Solomon Islands

By Marcelo Rodríguez This is now my fourth installment of “Through the FCIL Lens”. This series aims to provide summaries on rapidly evolving situations in a foreign jurisdiction or internationally as well as few secondary sources to kickstart your research. Since last month’s Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it has become painfully clear to everyone in […]