Through the FCIL Lens: Honduras, Sudan, Uganda, Georgia, Kuwait

By Marcelo Rodríguez

Welcome back to Through the FCIL Lens! I recently won an award as the FCIL-SIS Blog Post of the Year for this series (YAY!). I’m honored by this award and it gives me motivation to continue writing. As I finish teaching my Foreign, Comparative and International Legal Research class at the University of Arizona College of Law, I always introduce this concept of constant change taking place in foreign countries and how relevant it can be to your legal research. A student of mine mentioned two incredibly important words: intentional and flexible. That is exactly the frame of mind that I’m trying to cultivate in my class and in this series. 

Given the audience of this blog, the summaries of domestic situations I include here are packed with information and other sources which can be further developed, if needed. The intention here is to make the FCIL experts aware of these rapidly-evolving situations and events happening in flashpoints happening around the world, mostly the Global South.  

For this post I have chosen events that took place over the past two months, March and April 2023 in the following countries: Honduras, Sudan, Uganda, Georgia and Kuwait. As in previous posts, these summaries aim to be descriptive, introductory, and to provide a stepping stone for further comprehensive research. Each summary also includes at least three important authoritative secondary sources.

Upside Down Map

Honduras President, Xiomara Castro Lifts Ban on Contraceptive Pills

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Two Rivals Prompt Threats of Civil War in Sudan

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New Bill in Uganda Becomes One of the Harshest Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation in the World

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Georgia’s Foreign Agents Bill Gets Shelved Amid Massive Protests

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Yet Another New Kuwaiti Parliament and Government

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