The Social Responsibilities Special Interest Section Carbon Offset Project: Making a Difference in Global Climate Change

By Erin Gow

As the AALL 2017 conference approaches and you mark your calendars for all the great FCIL related sessions and events taking place in Austin this year, why not take a moment to consider contributing to the Social Responsibilities Special Interest Section Carbon Offset Project? This is a great opportunity to come together with librarians from other sections across AALL to make an international difference.

Climate change is a truly global issue, with international laws and treaties addressing a range of environmental issues that must be tackled beyond the borders of any single nation. This year the SR-SIS is providing an opportunity for everyone to make a difference to the international crisis of climate change by making a donation of just $6 to offset the carbon impact of travelling to the 2017 AALL conference. In addition to making a difference by offsetting carbon emissions, this year’s project also has a direct impact on the lives of people in Uganda, by providing cook stoves that are safer and cleaner than the toxic fires many families currently have to rely on to cook their meals. Visit to find out more about the project and to make a donation.


Introducing the IALL Public International Law Research Guidelines

By Bård Tusethiall2014

The IALL Education Committee came about from a shared desire to share ideas and thereby improve the teaching of Public International Law research to law students. The information literacy standards established by BIALL and AALL are comprehensive, but general in nature and do not provide specific guidance in structuring a lesson plan. Public International Law research is challenging for law students both because it has an unfamiliar structure and the sources are not available through the familiar legal information systems.

The workshop in Barcelona, online contributions and the workshop in Buenos Aires resulted in the IALL Guidelines for Public International Law Research Instruction. The guidelines are a collaborative effort and are very much a work in progress. The IALL Education Committee hopes they will be useful to many colleagues and help illuminate this challenging area for law students. The committee plans to periodically revise and update the guidelines and welcomes corrections and suggestions.

The latest edition of the guidelines can be downloaded here.

This post originally appeared on the International Association of Law Libraries blog.