By Catherine Deane


The Executive Committee would like your input and help in identifying our esteemed FCIL-SIS colleagues who are deserving of these prestigious awards.

Have you, or an FCIL-SIS member you know, made a significant contribution to the profession in the last year? If so, please nominate yourself or a colleague for one of the three special awards that the FCIL-SIS presents each year during the FCIL-SIS Business Meeting.

The Daniel L. Wade FCIL-SIS Outstanding Service Award

This award honors an FCIL-SIS member who has made outstanding contributions to the Section in the areas of section activity and professional service.

Criteria include but not limited to:

  • Outstanding leadership in the Section, at meetings, and in committee work.
  • Special and notable service to the Section, such as participation in special projects.
  • Participation in Section educational programs and public-speaking activities.
  • Mentoring activities that encourage others in the Section.
  • Activities that encourage others to join the Section.

Past winners include: Dan Wade; Marci Hoffman; Mary Rumsey; Maria Smolka-Day; Teresa Miguel-Stearns; Mila Rush; Ellen Schaffer; Marylin Raisch; Dennis Sears; Mirela Roznovschi; Lyonette Louis-Jacques; Alison Shea; Jonathan Pratter; James Hart; Sergio Stone; and Victor Essien.

The Thomas H. Reynolds and Arturo A. Flores FCIL-SIS Publications Award

This award is given to an FCIL-SIS member or members who have greatly contributed to the professional development of their AALL colleagues, by enhancing the professional knowledge and capabilities of law librarians during any given year. The winning “publications” may be print, digital, or electronic initiatives.

Previous winners include Teresa Miguel-Stearns and Alison Shea; Marci Hoffman and Mary Rumsey; Wei Luo; Ralph Gaebler and Alison Shea; Mirela Roznovschi; Timothy G. Kearley; the authors of the Mexican Law and Legal Research Guide: Bianca T. Anderson, Marisol Floren-Romero, Julienne E. Grant, Jootaek Lee, Lyonette Louis-Jacques, Teresa M. Miguel-Stearns, Jonathan Pratter, and Sergio Stone; Sherry Leysen and Alena Wolotira; Heidi Frostestad Kuehl and Megan A. O’Brien. You can see the publications for which they won this award on the Reynolds & Flores Publication Award website.

The Spirit of the FCIL-SIS Award

This award, my personal favorite, is presented each year to members whose work furthers our mission, serves the entire FCIL-SIS, and inspires others to act. Award winners for the past 5 years include: Loren Turner; Yemisi Dina; Thomas Mills; Sherry Leysen; Evelyn Ma; Alyson Drake; Susan Gualtier; Jootaek “Juice” Lee; Joan Policastri; Julienne Grant; Ryan Harrington; Jim Hart; and Carmen Valero.

All past award winners are listed on the Spirit Of The FCIL-SIS Award website.

More details for each award can be found the FCIL-SIS Awards and Grants Website.

Award nominations are due March 31.

You may send your nomination to anyone on the Executive Committee, Catherine Deane, Loren Turner, Sabrina Sondhi, Alex Zhang.

FCIL-SIS Call for Nominations for Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect and Secretary/Treasurer

The Foreign, Comparative, and International Law Special Interest Section (FCIL-SIS) of AALL is seeking your leadership and vision!

Nominees are now being accepted for Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect and Secretary/Treasurer of the SIS. The position of Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect requires a three-year commitment, as Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, Chair, and Immediate Past Chair, and will be expected to attend the AALL annual meeting the first two years.  The position of Secretary/Treasurer requires a two-year commitment, and the holder of this office is expected to attend the AALL Annual Meeting both years.  More information is available in the FCIL-SIS Bylaws.

Please consider putting yourself or one of our outstanding colleagues forward for these important positions. If nominating someone other than yourself, please communicate first with that person to ensure their interest in serving.

Nominations must be received by December 15, 2018.  Results will be announced in the spring newsletter.

Please submit your nominations and any questions to:

Gabriela Femenia, Chair, FCIL-SIS Nominating Committee

Amy Flick, Member, FCIL-SIS Nominating Committee

Kurt Carroll, Member, FCIL-SIS Nominating Committee

We look forward to receiving your nominations!