Top 19 Posts of ’19

By Jessica Pierucci

Happy New Year, DipLawMatic Dialogues Readers!

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2019 was a fantastic year for DipLawMatic Dialogues! We had nearly 21,000 views and over 12,000 visitors to the blog. Our posts were read worldwide, including over 15,000 views in the U.S., over 600 in Canada, over 600 in the United Kingdom, over 400 in India, nearly 400 in Australia, nearly 300 in Germany, nearly 200 in Hong Kong, nearly 200 in the Philippines, and the list goes on. We had 91 new posts, close to two posts a week, and so much great content within these posts.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to DipLawMatic Dialogues in 2019! Your contributions are what make this blog successful. You kept your colleagues informed on your takeaways from conference and webinar programs, teaching tips, what’s it’s like to be a brand new FCIL librarian, what’s happening at the reference desk, insights on your library’s collection, and so much more.

Looking ahead, we’re looking for new and returning contributors who have something they want to share with the rest of the FCIL-SIS community. We hope you’ll consider writing a post or two in 2020. It’s a great way to get involved in the FCIL-SIS!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the blog this year, many of whom wrote multiple posts:

Jennifer Allison * Sola Babatunde * Charles Bjork * Christine Bowersox * Anne Burnett * Meredith Capps * Heather Casey * Catherine Deane * Lesley Dingle * Abby Dos Santos * Amy Flick * Christopher Galeczka * Erin Gow * Julienne Grant * Susan Gualtier * Sally Holterhoff * Caitlin Hunter * David Isom * Janet Kearney * Amelia Landenberger * Jootaek Lee * Jackie Magagnosc * Taryn Marks * Dinah Minkoff * Paul Moorman * Mariana Newman * Lucie Olejnikova * Michelle Penn * Jessica Pierucci * Jonathan Pratter * Marylin Raisch * Sarah Reis * Dennis Sears * Alison Shea * Joan Sherer * William Slomanson * Sue Silverman * Loren Turner * Latia Ward * Stephanie Wilson

Now for our top 19 of ’19!

  1. AALL 2019 Recap: Growing Out, Not Climbing Up, by Jennifer Allison
  2. From the Reference Desk: On Having to Say No, by Jonathan Pratter
  3. Go-To Resources for the Non-FCIL Librarian, by Janet Kearney & Michelle Penn
  4. From the Reference Desk: Is There An Annotated European Union Code?, by Amy Flick
  5. Creating Training Resources for GOALI, by Latia Ward
  6. New FCIL Librarian Series: Evaluating Databases, by Janet Kearney
  7. AALL 2019 Recap: Polishing Your Public Speaking: Beyond Picturing People in Their Underpants, by Christopher Galeczka
  8. From the Reference Desk: I Need a Topic for My Paper!, by Amy Flick
  9. Despatches on Brexit from BIALL 2019, by Alison Shea
  10. Locating UK and EU Guidance on Brexit, by Alison Shea
  11. Teaching FCIL as a Non-FCIL Librarian: Go-To Resources, by Janet Kearney & Michelle Penn
  12. Library of Congress and LLMC Announce Availability of the Indigenous Law Portal on LLMC Digital
  13. New FCIL Librarian Series: Spring Cleaning: Weeding the International Reference Print Collection, by Sarah Reis
  14. New FCIL Librarian Series: Advice to Prospective FCIL Librarians from a (Still) New FCIL Librarian, by Sarah Reis
  15. Collection Spotlight: Fordham Law, by Janet Kearney
  16. Food and the Intangible Cultural Heritage: A Mini-Research Guide, by Jonathan Pratter
  17. From the Reference Desk: Using Treaty Body Websites to Find Implementing Legislation, by Amy Flick
  18. AALL 2019 Recap: FCIL-SIS Schaffer Grant Presentation – African Law for Everyone: AfricanLII and Laws.Africa, by Loren Turner
  19. From the Reference Desk: U.S. Acquisition of Pacific Island Territories, by Amy Flick

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