Top 18 Posts of ’18

By Alyson Drake


It’s that time of year–when we reflect back on all the wonderful contributions from our members over the past year.  2018 has been an amazing year for DipLawMatic Dialogues.  Not only was it our best ever year in terms of readership, but we actually more than doubled our number of views and visitors, topping out at over 29,000 views and over 17,200 visitors for the year.  We also nearly doubled the number of posts we had last year with 131 posts, more than two per week on average.

This would not be possible without all of you who volunteer to write posts and recaps for us.  (Remember, we’re now actively looking for contributors for 2019, so let’s keep this streak going!)  Susan and I are so grateful for your willingness to keep DipLawMatic Dialogues full of fresh content all year long!  If you’ve volunteered before, we hope you’ll agree to do a post for us this year; if you haven’t written for us yet, join this great community of bloggers and contribute in an easy way to our fantastic SIS.

Thanks to all of this year’s amazing bloggers, many of whom contributed multiple posts over the course of the year:

Jennifer Allison * Charles Bjork * Kate Britt * Anne Burnett
Meredith Capps * Sherry Xin ChenCatherine Deane * Yemisi Dina
Alyson Drake * Shay Elbaum * Gabriela Femenia * Amy Flick
Marisol Floren * Erin Gow * Julienne Grant * Susan Gualtier
Marci Hoffman * Caitlin Hunter * David Isom * Sarah Jaramillo
Lora Johns * Benjamin Keele * Tarica LaBossiere * Jootaek Lee
Evelyn Ma * Taryn Marks * Mike McArthur * Yasmin Morais
Mariana Newman * Lucie Olejnikova * Katherine Orth * Carlos Pagan
Jessica Pierucci * Joan Policastri * Marylin Raisch * Brooke Raymond
Sarah Reis * Mary Rumsey * John Scherrer * Rachael Smith
Beau Steenken * Stacia Stein * Loren Turner * Dan Wade * Alex Zhang

And very special thanks to our two all-star bloggers who both contributed eight or more posts this year:
Lora Johns and Jessica Pierucci!

Now for our top 18 of ’18!

18. From the Reference Desk, by Lora Johns
17. Crafting an FCIL Research Niche (When You’re NOT an “FCIL Librarian”), by Alyson Drake
16. MHz & Me: How a Crime-Solving Priest Saved by Italian, by Julienne Grant
15. Acquiring Foreign and International Law Materials with a New Collection Development Focus, by Joan Policastri
14. Teaching Religious Law as Part of Comparative Law: Focus on Jewish Law, by Marylin Raisch
13. AALL 2018 Recap: CONELL (Conference of Newer Law Librarians), by Tarica LaBossiere
12. Getting to Know the Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals, by Marci Hoffman
11. Comparative Laws and the Lies of Donald Trump, by Mary Rumsey
10. New FCIL Librarian Series: Collection Development in 2018, by Jessica Pierucci
9. New FCIL Librarian Series: Creating a New Research Guide, by Jessica Pierucci
8. Law Firm Impressions After One Complete Year, by Catherine Deane
7. From the Reference Desk: When Librarians Google, by Lora Johns
6. Using the “A” Word in Legal Research Instruction, by Alyson Drake
5. What Helped Me Transition to the Law Firm, by Catherine Deane
4. 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Teaching, by Alyson Drake
3. AALL 2018 Recap: Impostor Syndrome, by Jennifer Allison
2. AALL 2018 Recap: 25 Free Technologies, by Brooke Raymond
1. Transition to Law Firm from Academia, by Catherine Deane



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