AALL 2018 Recap: 25 Free Technologies for Law Libraries: Second Edition

By Brooke Raymond

free.pngBack by popular demand, Avery Le from the Emory University School of Law in Atlanta reprised her inaugural program originally presented at the 2015 AALL conference in Philadelphia.  Avery was joined by co-presenter Eliza Fink from the University of Tennessee College of Law.  Ms. Fink and Ms. Le spoke to more than eighty conference attendees at 8:30 in the morning on Tuesday, July 17th in Baltimore.

As instructional and outreach librarians, Eliza and Avery regularly make use of the free technologies they shared with us.  Eliza was the first presenter and divided her offerings into three categories—instructional, practical, and cool tools.  Eliza stressed the critical importance of having new students master the latest in personalized, customizable presentation apps (since routine, basic tasks are easily automated and don’t support job creation and growth).

Here is a list of the technologies that resonated with me:

  • Flipgrid is a student engagement tool that allows for the creation of unlimited student videos
  • InsertLearning allows you to insert instructional content into any web page
  •  Knightlab:
    • Timeline – Create beautiful easy-to-make timelines
    • Juxtapose – Easy-to-make side by side frame comparisons
    • Soundcite – Seamless inline audio (for example, hearing background chants at a political protest greatly deepens the emotional impact of a still image)
  • YouCanBook.me allows you to provide your professional calendar to others for them to schedule appointments with you (this link can also be added to your e-mail signature)
  • Pixel Buds Translate allows users to speak into a device, select an option and have the spoken sentence immediately translated into a foreign language and repeated aloud
  • Public Speaking VR allows the user to practice public speaking using a simulated roomful of attendees
  • Nearpod.com allows feedback in real time for the instructor to see if a lesson plan is engaging; it also allows students to post questions anonymously (without having to raise their hands to ask a personal or sensitive question in front of others)

Avery shared the following resources:

  • Google Primer allows you to take 5-minute tutorial lessons on building a web site, management topics, etc.
  • Wufoo Online Forms allow for posting anonymous comments on job candidates meeting with a committee
  • Kahoot! is a shared learning platform that allows for team building exercises
  • SlickPie provides free accounting software
  • Airtable allows for geographically separated teams to collaborate and share data and spreadsheets with one another
  • Biteable and RawShorts help you create snappy video and animated video presentations
  • Libib.com allows for cloud cataloging and imports more comprehensive info on a book record (i.e. cover art, etc.)
  • Grammarly automatically finds and corrects over 250 grammatical mistakes
  • Canva creates beautiful posters and amazing graphic designs

I personally learned a great deal at this workshop and look forward to future offerings on this valuable topic.  As librarians are called upon to create more impactful educational lessons, introductory videos for both patrons and decision makers, and comprehensive financial budgets, these resources will be important additions to our tool belts.  This program, along with sixty-six other presentations, is available as an audio file on the AALL web site under Annual Meeting Recordings.

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