Celebrating One Year of Weekly Content on DipLawMatic Dialogues!

One year ago, after an ambitious meeting in Austin, DipLawMatic Dialogues launched an initiative to post at least one post per week for the next year.  A year later, we’ve met that goal and seen our readership blossom. More importantly, we’ve gotten to hear from many more voices within the FCIL-SIS community.

We thought we’d celebrate by looking back at the most popular posts of the last twelve months, and then ten posts you might have missed. Here’s to many more years of consistent content (email Alyson Drake at alyson.drake@ttu.edu) if you have ideas of posts in between official calls for bloggers.

Top 12 Posts of the Last 12 Months:

  1. Transition to Law Firm From Academia, by Catherine Deane
  2. The Emergence of LGBT Rights in International Human Rights Law: A History Inquiry, by Carlos Andres Pagan
  3. 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Teaching, by Alyson Drake
  4. Using the “A” Word in Legal Research Instruction, by Alyson Drake
  5. Cuba 101: It’s Complicated, by Julienne Grant
  6. What Helped Me Transition to the Law Firm, by Catherine Deane
  7. From the Reference Desk: When Librarians Google, by Lora Johns
  8. Teaching Foreign & International Legal Research–From the Beginning, by Beau Steenken
  9. New FCIL Librarian Series: So Much to Learn and Do, by Jessica Pierucci
  10. New FCIL Librarian Series: Collection Development in 2018, by Jessica Pierucci
  11. New FCIL Librarian Series: Creating a New Research Guide, by Jessica Pierucci
  12. Spain Fractured: Some Thoughts on the Catalonian Crisis, by Julienne Grant


12 Posts You Might Have Missed–And Should Definitely Check Out:

  1. Teaching Foreign Customary Law: Tips and Tricks, by Susan Gualtier
  2. MHz & Me: How a Crime-Solving Priest Saved My Italian, by Julienne Grant
  3. Crafting an FCIL Niche (When You’re NOT an ‘FCIL Librarian’), by Alyson Drake
  4. Teaching Religious Law Research as Part of Comparative Law: Focus on Jewish Law, by Marylin Raisch
  5. Acquiring Foreign and International Law Materials with a New Collection Development Focus, by Joan Policastri
  6. From the Reference Desk: ‘Can You Strip Mine An Asteroid?”, by Lora Johns
  7. The Long and Winding Road to Using Reading Knowledge in French and Spanish in Service of FCIL Research, by Katherine Orth
  8. Revisiting Puerto Rico’s Political Status: The Puerto Rico v. Sanchez Valle Case and Its Implications in Contemporary International Law, by Carlos Andres Pagan
  9. Wroclaw Travelogue, by Charles Bjork
  10. From the Reference Desk: Research in the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, by Lora Johns
  11. Regional Integration Among African Nations–The Birth of AfCFTA, by Yemisi Dina
  12. Mapping the Civil Law World: Ancient Outlines, by Marylin Raisch


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