FCIL-SIS European Law Interest Group: Join the new MyCommunity Page

europe-political-mapDo you work in a law firm with branches or clients in Europe? Do you support law school faculty who are researching and studying the substantive law of European nations or the European Union?  Are you responsible for FCIL collections in your library and are curious about how to expand your knowledge of European legal issues?  Are you interested in questions of comparative or historic law in civil and common law jurisdictions?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please consider joining the new FCIL-SIS European Law Interest Group community page at http://community.aallnet.org/home. This community provides a space to share resources, gather feedback from other professionals on tricky questions, and get involved in European-related FCIL programming.

The European Law Interest Group is open to anyone interested in aspects of European law, including collection development, legal research, substantive law, and access to print or electronic materials. While the group originally focused on Eastern Europe, we now examine all of Europe, with recent programming on the European Union and Ukraine.

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