Calling All Potential Bloggers: We Want You!

We are working on cultivating more regular blog content. This is your chance to get your exchangesname out there and to share what you’re up to.  You don’t have to be a member of the FCIL-SIS to contribute!

We have a few regular features we’re looking for bloggers for:

1) Teaching FCIL series: We’re starting a new series centered on teaching FCIL research courses. Do you have great ideas for the classroom? Did you come up with a solution for teaching something difficult? Are you using videos or some other kind of technology in your classroom? This is a great chance to share it with your colleagues.  We have a couple of people interested in doing a post on this, so it doesn’t need to be more than a one-off commitment.

2) Book and Film Reviews: Are you interested in doing a book or film review for us? We can help you find titles to review!

3) New FCIL Librarian series: Are you a newer FCIL librarian? Would you be willing to share some of the lessons you’re learning in your first year or two as an FCIL librarian? We have one fabulous newer FCIL librarian contributing to this, but would love to add another.

4) Anything else that interests you for a regular columb. A few ideas I’ve had: a series on how to use FCIL electronic resources; a series on how you handled an interesting FCIL research question; a series on researching materials from a particular international organization. But we’re open to anything; if you have an idea, please share it!

5) Guest posts.  We are also interested in guest posts at any time, so if you’ve visited a foreign country lately and want to share anything you’ve learned/seen while there, saw an interesting presentation that you’d like to recap for us, or recently came across an interesting resource, or have any other ideas of things to share, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

If you’re interested in any of these or something different, please contact Alyson Drake at by Friday, August 18th. I look forward to hearing your great ideas!

You can also contact us at any time over the course of the year if you’re interested in a guest post.

Alyson Drake & Susan Gualtier
Co-Chairs, FCIL-SIS Publicity Committee

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