Information Literacy Instruction May Not Be Enough

Here’s an interesting and timely post from AALL’s RIPS-SIS blog. If “fake news” is here to stay, what can librarians do?

RIPS Law Librarian Blog

by Margaret Ambrose

news Photo by Dimitris Kalogeropoylos on Flickr CC

Fake news is here to stay. Information professionals need to factor this reality into their strategic vision for the future because there is no turning back the clock on this one – Pandora’s Box is officially open.

Putting questions of how we reached this point aside – fellow RIPS Blogger, Paul Gatz, recently wrote a piece entitled Information Literacy Outside the Walls of the Library. It is an excellent piece and has actionable tips information literacy professionals can take to combat fake news through social media.

I agree with Gatz completely, but I also think more needs to be done. In this moment, more than just a principle of the profession hangs in the balance. The fake news phenomena represents a watershed moment for information professionals. The public needs information professionals in a way they never have before. We can either…

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