AALL 2015 Recap: FCIL-SIS Publicity Committee Meeting


By: Loren Turner

The FCIL-SIS Publicity Committee meeting occurred at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 19, 2015, at the AALL Annual Conference in Philadelphia, PA.  The co-Chairs of the Committee, Susan Gualtier and Loren Turner, were joined by Anne Burnett, Daniel Donahue, Mark Engsberg, Anne Mostad-Jensen, and Megan O’Brien.

The meeting focused on the Committee’s current initiative, the FCIL-SIS blog, DipLawMatic Dialogues. The group discussed the effect of recent blog posts.  The Committee was pleased that (1) Alison Shea’s recent post on EU citation had gone viral; (2) the blog had been receiving a lot of interest in and contributions from new/generalist law librarians (not just those with FCIL titles), particularly related to the book review column; and (3) many FCIL-SIS members commented on their enjoyment of the member profiles column, which introduces (or reacquaints) FCIL-SIS members to each other.

Turning to future initiatives, the Committee discussed ways to increase blog content and impact.  Among the suggestions: amplify conference coverage – especially recaps of programs occurring at international conferences that many FCIL-SIS members cannot attend; highlight particular collections (print or digital) of individual libraries to promote those collections and to provide FCIL-SIS members with a contact at those libraries; and recruit technical services staff trained in FCIL work (cataloging, acquisitions, etc.) to contribute blog posts.  Additionally, the Committee agreed to work towards developing style guidelines to provide interested bloggers with a preferred structure for blog posts.

The Committee also discussed ways to market the FCIL-SIS to all AALL members, particularly when designing program topics for annual conferences. The FCIL-SIS must show the Annual Conference Program Committee that there is a wide interest in FCIL librarianship – whether or not one is designated an “FCIL” librarian.  The Committee brainstormed possible slogans to project inclusiveness, such as “FCIL Librarianship is Reference Librarianship.”  The Committee agreed to work on publicizing the blog and the FCIL-SIS in general AALL materials (e.g., AALL Newsletter, AALL discussion boards, etc.) in order to make the FCIL-SIS less intimidating/more accessible to those without an already-developed expertise (while still maintaining its value amongst those who are specialized in FCIL work).

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:00 pm.

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