International Association of Law Libraries Newsletter – November 2014

iall2014Welcome to the new IALL quarterly newsletter. Our aim is to keep in touch with you, and update you on IALL-related matters in between our Annual meetings.

We have shared this first Newsletter with colleagues on several related law library lists; if you received this email via INT-LAW or FCIL-SIS, please sign up to the IALL Listserv to receive future Newsletters

News from the Board

Our 33rd Annual Meeting, held early in October in Buenos Aires, was very informative, successful and enjoyable, and for those who had not visited South America before, it was a wonderful introduction to this part of the world. The papers will be published in ILJI; they covered a range of topics, with the highlight being the day dedicated to human rights issues in Argentina. Many wonderful photos taken by participants are available via this Dropbox link. All the conference tweets were collated into this Storify site.

The Board Meeting: The IALL Board has members from many countries, and the only time we can meet in person is one day before and one day after the Annual Meeting. As happens each year, we considered a range of issues, including:

  •     preferential rates for retired members
  •     the term of officers and Board members
  •     IALL election procedures
  •     how to best manage our funds so they benefit our members
  •     institutional membership matters
  •     managing our archives

Many proposals that arose, such as having a membership class for retired members, cannot be made without a change to the Constitution, so we have decided to establish a small Working Group to review the IALL Constitution. If you are a member of IALL and would like to participate in this review of our Constitution, please email President Jeroen Vervliet to express your interest.

The Board  is very proud of the work done by the Education Committee to develop The IALL Guidelines for Public International Law Research Instruction. This is part of our commitment to support the educational responsibilities undertaken by many of our colleagues in law libraries throughout the world. You may find them a valuable resource.

Planning is well under way for the 34th Annual Course – IALL 2015 which will be held in Berlin, Germany – September 20th to 24th, 2015. Mark the dates in your calendar!

Are you based in Washington? Then please join the Foreign & International SIS for a brown bag lunch on December 1st, 2014 from 12:00 – 1:00 at the Library of Congress Law Library Multimedia Room. They will be discussing the recent International Association of Law Libraries meeting on Libraries and the Rule of Law held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Attendees will share their experiences and snacks will be provided.  Please RSVP to Heather Casey at

Membership renewals will be due in the new year. IALL Membership expires December 31, 2014. The 2015 Membership Year begins on January 1, 2015. The great news is that the rates remain constant, and you can find the membership/renewal form online. We welcome new members, and if you are reading this newsletter via INT-LAW or the AALL Foreign & International SIS, and are not yet an IALL member, why not consider joining?

The International Journal of Legal Information

Latest issue: Vol. 42, Issue 1 (Spring 2014)

Accessing Legal Information in Catalonia: Open Access to Legislation and Case Law
Morante, Montse; Sanpera, Patricia
Catalan Law in the European Context
Aguilera-Vaques, Mar
Copyright Issues Related to the Implementation of Open Access Policies
Juan, Ignasi Labastida I.
Could Catalonia Become Independent
Reniu, Josep Ma
Effects of Divorce on Children, The
Lauroba, Elena
From Legal Compilations to Legal Codes: A Catalan Legal History Approach (18th-20th Centuries)
Oleart, Oriol
Human Right to Environment and Its Effective Protection in Catalonia, Spain and Europe
Penalver I Cabre, Alexandre
Law of Successions I: Intestacy under Catalan Law, The
Bosch, Jaume Tarabal
Outline of the Catalan Forced Share System, An
Anderson, Miriam
Same-Sex Couples in Spain and Catalonia
Navarro-Michel, Monica
Urban Planning and Legal Framework for Sustainable Communities: Affordable Housing, Social Cohesion and Ghettos
Ponce, Juli

More information on accessing or publishing in IJLI can be found here.

Latest posts from the Blog

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The IALL blog welcomes contributions from members or other colleagues. If you would like to submit a piece, please contact Bård Tuseth.

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