Upcoming Feature: Introductions via the DipLawMatic Dialogues Questionnaire

By Loren Turner

Annual conferences provide wonderful opportunities for FCIL librarians to reconnect face-to-face and for the FCIL-SIS to introduce itself to prospective members.  But conferences are infrequent, and interactions there are often rushed and incomplete due to packed program scheduling and conflicting obligations.

canstockphoto9132980To facilitate deeper connections, DipLawMatic Dialogues has designed a fun way to introduce (and reacquaint) FCIL-SIS members to each other and to the greater AALL community.  Each month, DipLawMatic Dialogues will feature a (retired or current) FCIL librarian along with his or her responses to the DipLawMatic Dialogues Questionnaire, a survey that mixes the personal and professional, the serious and whimsical.   We hope that this new feature entertains you, inspires you, and, most importantly, encourages you to reach out to each other for further conversation.

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