Indigenous Peoples Law Interest Group Report, AALL 2014

By Joan Policastri

The Indigenous Peoples Law Interest Group has been mostly dormant for the past year, but no more. The San Antonio meeting was inspirational, and we hope to accomplish a number of goals over the next year.  We appreciate your input as we work to prioritize our projects.  Some suggested ideas for things to accomplish in the next year include:

  • Setting up our own web page
  • Gathering and posting laws related to indigenous peoples by region
  • Creating a list of serials, both legal and non-legal,  related to indigenous peoples
  • Creating a forum for questions and comments regarding the new KIA-KIX Classification for Indigenous Peoples of North America
  • Coordinating with other interest groups to discuss indigenous law aspects in other areas of specialization (indigenous peoples are concerned with virtually all FCIL areas)
  • Gauging interest in an Indigenous Law newsletter, email list, or blog where interesting members can let each other know what is happening in the world of Indigenous Law and communicate with regard to particular projects
  • Designing a webinar on the topic of Indigenous Law

The opportunity to participate in the “Hot Topic” presentation, “Land Grabbing: Accessing Information to Protect Property Rights of Indigenous People,” was a great way to re-energize. If you were not able to attend the program, please be sure to visit the Wiki for access to the presentations and research materials.

I know that many interested folks were not able to attend the San Antonio meeting. If you are interested in any of these projects or in simply being on any email list, please send me your contact information at and let me know your interest.  And, please feel free to make other suggestions as well.

Many thanks to everyone for your interest and support of the Indigenous Peoples Law Interest Group!  We look forward to hearing from you.

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