News From ASIL’s Director of Education and Research

by Joan Policastri

On Tuesday afternoon, ASIL’s Director of Education and Research, Wes Rist, dropped by the Research Kiosk and chatted with Wanita Scroggs, James Hart, and me. Wes has been in his position at ASIL for less than two years, but he has big plans to extend the educational offerings, and he was very happy to see that there was a research kiosk.

Wes is very interested in getting feedback from librarians about the programs and opportunities ASIL offers, such as the live streaming of sessions from the annual meeting, and is particularly interested in expanding ASIL’s member benefits in the area of career services. He said that the new issue of ASIL’s “Careers in International Law” focuses on the practical aspects of getting a job in international law, and that ASIL is planning to offer its members and Academic Partners a series of short webinars on professional development skills during the summer.

Another new resource, specifically for Academic Partners, is an upcoming webinar designed to give career services offices the tools needed to effectively advise students interested in international law careers. If possible, Wes would also like to add a track at next year’s annual meeting that focuses on professional development in the field of international law. Another new benefit that members and Academic Partners will enjoy is a job board to be offered through the ASIL website, which is scheduled for later this summer. Non-members will be able to pay for access to this resource.

Finally, Wes was very excited to let us know that ASIL will be offering online CLEs with special rates for ASIL members. Watch for more details on this exciting new offering.

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